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We Are Very Glad You Are Interested to Work With Us! As a Trident Team Member, We Mean More Than Just a Brand Trying To Grow. Each and Everyone of us Have Great Inner Ambitions. We See That in You Which is Why You Have Been Approved! We Stay True to Our Convictions and That's What Being a Trident Ambassador is All About. Together, let's Grow as a Family!

What you have to do:

1- Post a minimum of 1 posts related to our brand weekly
Pictures entail you wearing our products, a picture of the product itself, or any of our Instagram pictures re-post.

2- Stay active with your fan-base and give them a reason to listen to you

3- Include your public audience discount code in your Instagram bio

4- Include our store website link in your Instagram bio


Your Custom Discount Code

1- If you haven't already received a personal discount code from us through Email, please Email us. This code is only meant for your own personal use. We will know if it is applied for other users. This code can be applied to all of our products and its one of the many benefits of being a Trident Ambassador!

2- Along with your personal discount code, you will also receive a public discount code for Your Audience/Followers/Fan-Base. Place this code on your Instagram bio so your followers have easy access to it.


Get Featured

1- We want to help you grow as well and be known on our page. Be part of the movement and let us share your pictures on our page!

2- In order to be featured on our page, we can't simply post a picture of low-quality photos. We want to deliver quality content so try to plan the picture shot. Tag us or use the hashtag #tridentapparel and if we select your picture to be posted you have contributed our brand to create some quality content!


1- So when it comes to rewards for ambassadors rank 3 we keep this fun and simple.
- 5 sales using your public discount code = 1 free product
- 10 sales using your public discount code = 2 free product
- 20 sales using your public discount code = 6 free products
Simply email us or DM us for code use count to find out how many times your code was used.

2- So let's explain the system. once you reach 5 sales you will be given one free product, any available in our store. From there on you just need another 5 sales (not 10 more sales, just 5) to reach a total of 10 sales to receive 2 more free products. From there another 10 (not 20, just 10) sales will get you another 6 free products. Using this reward system you can literally never pay for our products and just use earned credits to purchase any new items.

20 sales should accumulate to a reward of 9 free products.

Once you reach all 20 sales you will now be ranked to a Level 2 Ambassador.

We have 2 ranking of the ambassador's program.

Rank 2 received all the opportunities listed above

Rank 1 receives all the newest release products for free. Limited gifts just for ambassadors rank 1. one more special benefit which will be kept secret for rank 1.

Another 50 sales please inquire us for athlete position.


Rules For All Ranks

You are still to follow our WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO list. If you do not follow the requirements you will only receive the benefits of Rank 2. We are forgiving but if we see a constant pattern and lack of your passion with us, you will be De-Ranked until you have been removed from the title of an Ambassador.

Let's get started

Now That You Have Learned Everything About The Ambassadors Program GO EARN Your Rewards and Ranking! As a Trident Ambassador, You Represent Our Brand and We are Proud to Have You Rep For us. Continue Sharing Your Positivity to The World and let's Show Them What Being in Team Trident Means!

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