We Are Very Glad You Chose to Work With Us! As a Trident Team Member, We Mean More Than Just a Brand Trying To Grow. Each and Everyone of us Have Great Inner Ambitions.We Stay True to Our Convictions and That's What Being a Trident Ambassador is All About. Together, let's Grow as a Family!

Do not apply if you think this is your typical give free merch to everyone for no reason. This brand is for those who understand hard work.

Our Trinity

One not Built Upon

But Self Sculpted

What you must do:

1- Join our software through BrandChamp. Our company uses this software so you can easily see what activities you can do as an active member of the brand. We approach our ambassador program very serious unlike most one time purchase brands. On the software we list many activities which keeps you engaged while actually helping the brand grow. Each activity lists and shows how much point its valued when complete, with it you can redeem awards or cash back through paypal. Everything is integrated through a click of a button

2- Stay active with your fan-base and give them a reason to listen to you

3- Include your public audience discount code in your Instagram bio

4- Include our store website link in your Instagram bio

Your Custom Discount Code:

 1- If you haven't already received a personal discount code from us through Email, please Email us. This code is only meant for your own personal use. We will know if it is applied for other users. This code can be applied to all of our products and its one of the many benefits of being a Trident Ambassador!

2- Along with your personal discount code, you will also receive a public discount code for Your Audience/Followers/Fan-Base. Place this code on your Instagram bio so your followers have easy access to it.

Get Featured:

1- We want to help you grow as well and be known on our page. Be part of the movement and let us share your pictures on our page!

2- In order to be featured on our page, we can't simply post a picture of low-quality photos. We want to deliver quality content so try to plan the picture shot. Tag us or use the hashtag #tridentapparel and if we select your picture to be posted you have contributed our brand to create some quality content!


Clothing or Cash back through paypal through the points collected.

Along with your point benefits for simply posting and completing multiple activities, you earn 15% commission through every sale under your code usage. 

Before You Apply

Please don't apply if you aren't looking to grow yourself along with us. We want to help you as you represent us as a team so lets give it our best. We do require you to purchase 4 items of your choice but with an initial discount code of 40% off. Why? simple we need you to rep the brand with variety to post. 

Let's get started

Now That You Have Learned Everything About The Ambassadors Program, GO EARN Your Rewards and Ranking! As a Trident Ambassador, You Represent Our Brand and We are Proud to Have You Rep For us. Continue Sharing Your Positivity to The World and let's Show Them What Being in Team Trident Means!

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