Shipping and Handling

Your Shipping Provider

Your orders are being shipped using USPS and their various delivery methods that you selected yourself at checkout. We are in no way held accountable for your shipment being delivered once it leaves our facility. We cant replace your shipment or refund if the shipping provider lost your package. 


If you would like to make a return please let us know your order number and if you would like to either receive a full refund in-store credit or cash. 

Delivery Issues

If your order status has been fulfilled however your order has not arrived in the stated amount of time please let us know and we will direct your complaint to our delivery supplier. We have no influence over USPS shipping protocols we can only email complaints about lateness. 

International Shipping 

International shipping is not an issue as our delivery supplier will be able to do it on par with other brands. However, it will take a few more days than traditional domestic shipping.

Order Status

If your order status says it's unfulfilled that only means we are still preparing the clothing to be shipped using our delivery supplier.

Changing My Order

If you would like to change your order please send us an email about what you would like to change it to and we would send you it instead. If it is less than the original product you would receive store-credit.

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